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Opportunità di lavoro

The research lab Evolution, Genomes, behavior and Ecology, at the University Paris-Saclay, opens a junior professorship position in Entomological sciences for sustainable innovations and is seeking for candidates

The objective of the scientific project should be to explore the biodiversity of insects and their life history traits in order to develop and optimize a sustainable insect rearing that meets the needs of local populations and agronomic actors. Within the University of Paris-Saclay, the junior professor will participate to courses taught at AgroParisTech such as the teaching unit “Plants and Insects as Sources of Innovation for Alternative Food”. Teaching activity will represent 40 hrs/year.

The junior professor will be awarded (1) by an ANR grant of 200 k€ (including a minimum of 120 k€ in payroll – doctoral students, post doc, technicians), (2) by an IRD grant for a doctoral contract, or a post-doctorate for a period of two years, and 30 k€ for a long-term mission (about 6 months)

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deadline for application : 15th septembre, 2022